What is Holding You Back from looking your best?  I can think of a lot of excuses – don’t like my extra pounds, am too busy, can’t afford high quality clothing, don’t go anywhere special that I need to look glamorous, and many, many more.

Style Upgrade feels that the cause of unstylishness comes from internal conflict. Hmmm. We listen to those voices in our heads that give us advice, which arise from circumstances throughout our life. These sources of internal conflict exhibit themselves in the decisions we make, how we present ourselves, and how we pursue our life.

 When we are too busy or distracted with raising children, our body has changed shape, or we have had some past criticisms of our body or appearance, these can all add conflicting messages to our thoughts when trying to grow, change and move forward.

Have you heard me say that I love to make obstacles my stepping stones?  Conflict is an obstacle to being our best, and is always about changing our thoughts, conquering our fears, and charting a new course.  It comes with a consistent effort to create a new way of thinking and move in a more positive and fulfilling direction!   

What we’ll do next is to take a good, long look at what we are wearing now, figure out why we wear it, and how it makes us feel.  This is a very important step, so don’t even think of skipping it!   We are going to keep a log of what we wear for a week, and categorize if our style is Arty, Natural, Romantic, or Classic, and if our outfits are Casual Basics, Professional Basics, Focus Garments or Dressy.  Are you going to be with me on this?  Should be an interesting week!

I welcome your comments, as the Style Upgrade program is getting some tweaking for public availability soon!

Thanks for stopping by and “Making My Life Beautiful”!

XO Candy

What’s Holding You Back From “Lookin’ Good”?
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