“Although each of us may, in some ways, fit a classic body type, we are unique individuals.  We carry ourselves differently, we have different “best” features, and we all have things that we would prefer to keep hidden from the world.”

As many types and shapes of pears there are, I have embodied several throughout my life. Always the tall pear, my “base” has seen varying widths! My school age pear was long and healthy, my teens through thirties pear – long and lean. My mommy years pear was an expanding one, and now I’m trying to “bring it in” by being more active, portion control and cutting out some of the fluff left over from the happy meal years.

Style Upgrade says we need to know three things about our bodies:

     Our features ~ Our best features, and the features we would prefer to hide.

          Proportions ~ The lines and proportions of our bodies.

               Different Viewpoints ~ How others see us.

Beautiful Woman on Catwalk 01 Z_DSC4200 by TOM ELOWSSONTake a moment to  “consider” the features of your body that you would like to hide and those that you are comfortable with. My better features have changed, and as gravity has taken hold, the bar has been lowered of what characteristics I am happy with. I’ve learned to appreciate “the pear” and with Style Upgrade’s advice, am enjoying creating a balance to my proportions through clothing selection and ensemble coordination.

Instead of focusing on: Is it clean?  Do the colors match acceptably? Is it comfortable? Can it be worn at the events I normally attend? I am now setting my standards higher, and thinking more in terms of what type of image my appearance conveys, and am I putting forward my best self wherever I go. 

What do you see as the best, most shining part of yourself? Choose as many positive aspects as you can, then create an image by your clothing and makeup selections – maybe it’s time to have a new hairstyle, too!

Thanks for stopping by and “Making My Life Beautiful”!

XO Candy

What do Our Features, Proportions and Viewpoints Have to do with Our Image?
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