We Really Are What We Eat!

 Have you heard the latest in cell research~ that degenerative conditions and diseases are more and more being attributed to “genes gone bad”?

 The field of Nutrigenomics and cellular research is booming. Animal studies are showing impressive relationships between specific nutrients from plants that halt the progression of, and actually prevent, many degenerative conditions.Planted Dutch Aquarium 1 by Martien@Arnhem

 Currently, studies are underway testing these Phyto (Plant) Nutrients, and their health benefits/effects in humans.   Take a look at www.clinicaltrials.gov , type in the phytonutrient of your choice and you will be able to see all the research that is going on with your selected nutrient, specifically what the researchers are testing for.

 Our environment (oxidative stress, UV radiation, toxic exposure), our current life stage (the hormonal influences of puberty to menopause), and our chosen lifestyle habits (smoking, athleticism, type of nutrition, cultural/social circumstances), all influence our genes and overall health.  Even the bacteria in our digestive system has an impact on our metabolism, immune response, and disease resistance.berry fruit salad by c(h)ristine

 Dan Buettner, in his book “Blue Zones”, studied four cultures that have an incredibly high percentage of people living to 100 years of age.  He looked at diet, lifestyle and social/cultural factors that they had in common and could possible attribute to their extended length of life.  One common thread was the large portion of their daily nutrition coming from plant foods grown in their home gardens.

 “There are more than 1000 known phytonutrients….(which) benefit health by serving as antioxidants, enhancing immune response, enhancing cell to cell communication, altering estrogen metabolism, converting to vitamin A, causing cancer cells to die, stimulating enzymes, repairing DNA damage (caused by smoking and toxins), interfering with DNA replication (cancer cells) and detoxifying carcinogens.  Antioxidants protect against oxidative damage and can prevent cancer symptoms.  Isoflavones reduce menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis by mimicking human estrogen.  Some phytonutrients actually bind physically with cell walls, preventing adhesion by pathogens.  Several phytonutrients also have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.” (“Phytonutrient Cures” by Zachary Kaplan, Ehow.com)colorful vegetables by computix

 Colorful fruits and vegetables have been shown to contribute to overall health and longevity, natures way of keeping us healthy.  Apriori Beauty’s Lifeoxylin Elixir is loaded with the phytonutrients known to have a powerful influence on your health and disease prevention! So if you can’t possible eat enough fruits and vegetables to keep you healthy each day, just an ounce a day of Lifeoxylin will do the job!

 Coming soon, more about which Phytonutrients should I eat?

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We Really Are What We Eat!
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