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What it Means to be an Apriori Beauty Founder!

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Hi! I’m Candace Dye, an Apriori Beauty Founder!

What does this mean? It  means that I have a vital role in helping other women~



The first Consultant in the Apriori Beauty network of Consultants benefits the Foundation Apriority, a non-profit that supports women’s charitable initiatives. This foundation is the upline sponsor to the Founding Consultants of the company. The efforts of every Independent Consultant in Apriori Beauty benefit this unique foundation that will contribute to charities that make women’s initiatives Apriority. Women helping women is the mission of this foundation and Apriori Beauty.

Apriori Beauty’s Foundation Apriority is My Sponsor! I have been a Consultant and Leader with Apriori Beauty right from the first day, February 1, 2009, because I believed in the leaders, product innovation,  vision and mission of this fabulous company! I’m located very close to our home office, and have sponsored Consultants locally and in many of our great United States!

If you are interested in joining Apriori Beauty sponsored by a Founder and Leader, I am excited to have you join me as we launch and grow our fantastic company. Come along with me as we introduce our Pure Product Innovations, reward the efforts of our Consultants with every Friday Paydays and benefit women’s charities all around us!

Click -> Become a Consultant and Join Candace Dye Today!

Feel free to contact me with your questions! ->

I look forward to helping you get started!


Apriori Beauty Awards!

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Want to promote to Manager and Director in Apriori Beauty,  be presented with these fabulous awards, and become  eligible to receive additional percentages on your earnings? “Making Life Beautiful, our Annual National Convention, is where Apriori Beauty leaders present them to all who have promoted each year!

I have the Manager Bracelet, working towards the Executive Director Charms  – I know how to do it and would love to help you earn your awards and additional income!

Join my National Team by Becoming a Consultant Today!

You Can Do This!!

Every Manager in attendance at MLB 2012 will be recognized on-stage. Shortly after promotion, each new Manager will receive (in the mail) the beautiful Links of London silver charm bracelet with the silver Apriori Beauty bug logo charm.
Each new Executive Director will receive (in the mail) the silver “Use Love Share” jeweled charm to add to their Apriori Beauty Links of London charm bracelet.
Each new Silver Director will receive (in the mail) the “Silver” jeweled charm to add to their Apriori Beauty Links of London charm bracelet.
Each new Gold Director will receive (in the mail) the “Gold” jeweled charm to add to their Apriori Beauty Links of London charm bracelet.
To finish their Apriori Beauty charm bracelet, each new Platinum Director will receive (in the mail) the paved “Platinum” charm.Every Platinum Director will also receive their own company email address for business use, and an invitation to the 3-day Platinum Director Retreat in January 2013 at the Montage Resort & Spa in Laguna Beach, California.

Ready to Go For It??? Contact me to Join My Team by Becoming a Consultant and Get You Started Today!

Let’s Make Life Beautiful Together!

Want to Own Your Own Online Store?

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Everyone is shopping Online today! This year saw the largest number of online sales in history!

Isn’t it easy to place your order when YOU have the time, and  have your products delivered right to your doorstep?

Now YOU can own a Franchise to Your Own Online Store…

…offering the most innovative skin care products available, led by the most respected leaders in the skin care industry, in a company who is seeing 300% growth in the past year,  and NOT be in a MLM (multi-level marketing program)!!

Really?????? Where do I  sign up?


Apriori Beauty Retail Consultant Opportunity

Apriori Beauty products are only available to purchase through  Independent Consultants.

  >>Browse Apriori Beauty Products<<

Consultants may choose to Retail Sell Apriori Beauty Products, without  having to sign up other Consultants or entering into a MLM plan.  NO MLM Required!


It’s as easy as ->  Sell Products => Get Paid   

No sales quotas.  No personal purchases required.  No meetings.  No mandatory activity.

Basic retail Consultants simply introduce products to potential Clients who then purchase through their own online Apriori Beauty Online Store.  They earn commissions on each sale, electronically deposited on an Apriori Beauty Automatic Debit Card each Friday of the week following the sale.


Here’s How to Get Started!

  1. Register as an Independent Consultant ($79) through my Apriori Beauty website:
  2. Immediately, you will have your own Apriori Beauty website available to you to personalize as your online store, and manage your Client accounts. Your website is free as long as you are a Consultant.
  3. Complete your Apriori Beauty automatic debit card (MasterCard) registration (same as any other debit card, not a credit card – does not require approval or credit check).
  4. Share the Apriori Beauty products with your Clients- either by samples you give, through product demonstrations, or recommendation to specifically address a Client’s request or need.
  5. Register your Client (free) as your Apriori Beauty client through your website. They will then be able to login and shop online 24/7, with their  products shipped directly to them, anywhere in the USA.
  6. Independent Consultants and Clients pay retail price for all products.

Consultants receive 30 % Rebate (not 1099’d)  on their personal orders, and….

Consultants receive 30% Commissions on the retail price paid on all Client orders the Friday following the week products are sold.

  • Rebates and Commissions are paid by Electronic Deposit on your Apriori Beauty Automatic Debit Card.
  • Your Apriori Beauty clients will receive Apriori Beauty communications specials,  new products and other information once a month from Apriori Beauty Corporate Office.
  • You have access to your Consultant Back Office to view your Clients orders, track your Commissions and access the extensive Apriori Beauty library of information and sales tools to help you grow your retail business.
  • As a company that cares, you have access to Customer Support during business hours and ongoing support from me, your Sponsoring Consultant, by email and telephone. You will have training support available to answer your questions and assist you with your client management if needed.
  • Annual Consultant Renewal Fee is $30
  •  You may display Apriori Beauty products in your place of business and Consultants  may not purchase more products than they can reasonably use or sell in one month. This will protect the Client’s 30-day money back guarantee, and prevent unsold / unused products from going past their expiration date.

If you are a medical or dental office, spa or resort, or simply a Basic Retail Consultant you now have the opportunity to offer your Clients the high quality line of Apriori Beauty skin care products, and generate an additional avenue of revenue with ease, when your Clients are away from your office or spa.

You will also have the support of Apriori Beauty’s newsletter and other corporate communications, keeping
your Clients up to date on monthly specials and new products available for them to purchase. Product ingredients listings and additional useful information is always easily available online with continuous shopping access.


 Contact Me Today and I’m happy to help you open your Apriori Beauty store today!
Thanks for stopping by!
Candace Dye, Founder, Manager, Independent Consultant Apriori Beauty


Apriori Beauty is Named a Safe Cosmetic Champion of Innovation!

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Congratulations to Apriori Beauty Leaders in the Personal Care Product Industry!!

Apriori Beauty has made the list of 321 cosmetic companies who are Champions in creating personal care products with ingredients that meet a high standard of purity, provide information on their products openly, and work toward the goal of raising the bar for healthy products.

Click Here -> Safe Cosmetics: Champions of Cosmetic Safety!

“The report describes how these companies – from small mom-and-pop businesses to some of the largest businesses in the natural products sector – are setting a new high-bar standard for personal care products. The Champions are demonstrating best practices by:

  • Making effective products without using ingredients linked to cancer or birth defects.
  • Disclosing all their ingredients, including those that make up “fragrance,” showing that it’s not necessary to hide these ingredients from the public.
  • Working together with nonprofit health groups to increase market demand for safe, sustainable products and practices.”

Congratulations Apriori Beauty!  Just 3 years old and a Leader in the Industry!!

More Information about Apriori Beauty and our Products Click Here -> Apriori Beauty or


Feel free to contact me at if you are interested in joining my growing

National Team of Leaders! I am a Founder, Manager, Leader and Independent Consultant!

Congratulations Apriori Beauty!!  I LOVE the Results I Have with Our Products!

XO Thank You for Making Life Beautiful!


“Making Life Beautiful 2011” was Fabulous!!

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Apriori Beauty’s First National Convention, “Making Life Beautiful”, was so Fabulous!! We learned many, many bits of knowledge about our products and how to ~Use~Love~Share~ them. Tons of wonderful fun, meeting Consultants from around the country who have joined in together to launch our company!

The two greatest highlight was the launch of our new product line, “Nothing to Hide”!!

Click here to read about each product – “Nothing to Hide” and

Here – New “Nothing to Hide Video” to learn more about them!

Everyone who drinks Apriori Beauty’s Lifeoxylin Elixir and uses Celloxylin Skin Care on a regular basis, no longer needs foundation!

With our skin so healthy and bright, the Nothing to Hide line of Skin Perfectors evens out tone and brings a luminescence to our skin from the innovative Pigment Technology! As we age, our skin reflects blue and green light less and less, giving it a dullness. The new Pigment Technology brings back our skin’s ability to reflect these light waves and create a youthful vibrancy once again!

Wow! Fabulous!!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me through my sidebar links if you would like to learn more!

XO Candy

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