“Ahhh, you have such excellent taste!” “She has a style all her own!”  Have you ever heard someone make either of these comments to you or about someone?  We know what it infers or suggests, and really, what does it mean? 

This week’s Style Upgrade lesson tells us the difference between Style and Taste. Although they are not the same, in some aspects, they do overlap. What am I talking about?  Let’s define!

“Taste is being able to cull from the world around you those garments, objects and experiences that are most aesthetically pleasing.” I interpret this to mean that I can go shopping and whether it is high or low end, retail or sale, I select items that I like.  When I go out to eat, or go to the grocery store, I purchase food that is to my liking – not yours – but all mine. Whether it’s brussel sprouts or barbecue potato chips, that is what I like and what is selected based on my taste. 

“Style is taking these things and combining them with others that provide a glimpse of who you are, while creating a cohesive image.”  You probably won’t see me crunching on barbecued potato chips when I’m all dressed up, but I think this means that when I look around and say “I like this, and I like that”, I can pull together specific items of my own taste – colors, textures, accessories, bling – to create an outfit that is all in my own style.

I may have excellent taste in clothes, but choose to dress in a casual style most of the time. I have heard it said that women over forty should never wear shorts or jeans. I gave up wearing shorts quite a while ago, but I still love my jeans. That’s my style choice.

The key for me is to take those things I really like, being tasteful, creating outfits that are stylish, and do accentuate my positives. I’ll tell you a secret – I have stopped wearing my son’s hand me down jeans, and have finally purchased a few pairs of dark dress jeans.  So, I can still wear my jeans, which are part of my own personal taste.  The darker colors, flared leg style, tops and accessories I select to wear with them will all come together to create a stylish look for my over fifty pear in jeans!

     “Style is a natural thing, and has nothing to do with taste” ~ David Bailey

What do you think?  I’d love to hear it!

Thanks for stopping by and “Making My Life Beautiful”!

XO Candy

Style vs Taste – What’s the Difference?
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