Having always thought that being in style was the same as being fashionable, I have learned there is a difference!

zuhair murad  Fashion show 2010 by ƇƠƆŌ ϚĤåŅĒŁStyle Upgrade says that “Fashion is the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics and behavior.” 

While Haute Couture, High Fashion, and High Style are all trend setting fashions, Style brings my fashion selections into my choices to create a style all my own. I have noticed that my fashion choices have changed as I have aged, and my body has changed. This doesn’t mean I don’t have style.  Instead, I adapt my style to those changes, and try to project my changing self image into my style.

“Style, as a reflection of who we are, will certainly grow and change as we do, but the projection of our true selves will remain consistent with a consistent style. Style is as much an attitude of confidence and self assurance, as it is the clothing we wear.”

I have noticed, and I know many women my age agree, that as we age, our concerns about our appearance changes. Our bodies are changing and we try to adapt to these changes to present the best “self” to the world. When I do pull it all together, and I feel pulled together, I definitely feel more confident!

         “Fashion is a manufactured product, Style is something that comes from within.”

While I am developing my style, I am also focusing on the health and wellness that comes from within. If the body being dressed is not healthy, it is evident by the way the clothes hang, makeup wears and the overall appearance is received. I feel that the state of our health shows on our skin, which is why skin care has become a prioity of mine.  Reducing wrinkles, getting rid of age spots, having healthy and fresh looking skin is so important.  The health and appearance of my skin creates the canvas upon which to paint my personal image through style and fashion. I can dress myself in the best looking fashions for my body, but if my skin looks dull and haggard, the image I have created is disjointed. Using all of Apriori Beauty products, including the Derma Firm Illuminator, has given me the canvas I love to build a confident and stylish image!

As something I have not been consciously aware of, I will be critiquing my style as it relates to current trends in fashion for my age and body type. I think I will also take a few risks with my wardrobe selections in the future to add some fashion fun to my style!

What are your thoughts about Style and Fashion? Style Upgrade would love to hear them for their new program coming next year!

Thanks for stopping by and “Making My Life Beautiful!”

XO Candy

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Style vs Fashion
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One thought on “Style vs Fashion

  • April 26, 2010 at 10:37 am

    Style or fashion, neither is good if your body does not look and feel healthy.
    Your skin does not lie. You can have a beautiful dress on, but if your skin is dry and haggard you won’t feel beautiful or fashionable.

    My favorite Apriori products right now are the Lip and Eye cream, and the micro scrub. Love, Love, Love them.

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