Are you looking for a way to connect with your teens? They’ve heard your stories from your hippie days over and over. They roll their eyes and sigh when they hear you say “We used to……”, or “When I was your age…”. But when you just ask them how their day was, all you get now is a grunt!!

No More!! I’m here to tell you about a GREAT  WAY TO CONNECT WITH YOUR TEENS!!!  You will have such a blast sharing your past and what they are interested in, and….. nobody gets hurt! Are you ready for my secret????

Here it is! !! Yes!! Last night, as we were winding down, my daughter jumped up on my bed with her computer and together we shared YouTube vids (which are videos for all of you who are over the hill), going back and forth with one from my generation and one from hers.

My son came up, and then we were really ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing)! We started with Soupy Sales vids – remember White Fang and his “bleh-oh, bleh-oh”? Then they shared the whole series of “Miranda Sings / Dances/ …..”!  Now, SHE IS ENTERTAINING!!

BTW…. (by the way), Miranda is a hilarious creation, done by the VERY talented Broadway actress Colleen Ballinger! No haters here, Miranda!! Just LOTS of LOVE!!

I’m sure you can find just about anything from your youth on YouTube to share! So, pop that popcorn, pull out your laptops and get ready for some great laughs!!

ROFL With Your Teens!!
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