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You’ve come to this page to learn how to use your Apriori Beauty Turn Back Time Capsule Sample of Celloxylin Skin Care and Lifeoxylin Elixir plus the Sugar Beet Crystal + Papaya Enzyme Activated Microscrub!

First, find a few moments when you can close (lock) the door of your bathroom, try to relax and focus on YOU!  Leave the lights on, but you may start the soft music now!  Get yourself comfortable and here we go!

Now, open your Time Capsule by removing one of the white end pieces.  Pour out your Microscrub pot, Lifeoxylin Elixir vial (careful, it’s glass!), and the silver strip of the 6-Product / 5-Step Celloxylin Skin Care.  Remove the circular paper that surrounds all of the contents and open it up.

You will be able to read all of the ingredients contained in each Celloxylin Skin Care Product and the Lifeoxylin Elixir. Separate the strips, then take a pin, or something that is sharp but not too large, and make a small hole at the top of each individual product strip.

Let the Apriori Beauty Product Experience BEGIN!

Step 1~ Creme Cleanse ~ With warm water, moisten your facial skin.  Apply about a nickel sized amount of the Creme Cleanse to your finger tips and massage all over your face, using circular motions, until it develops a bubbly lather.  This is a deep pore and surface cleanser.  It cleans and prepares the skin to receive the benefits from the Nutrient Reservoir.

*~ Enzyme Activating Micro Scrub ~ Again, placing a nickle sized amount on your fingertips, massage the scrub around your facial skin, feeling the gritty-ness of the sugar beet crystals, and noticing that as you massage, they will begin to melt. When they are almost dissolved, you will notice the cool, fresh feeling all over your face!This is one of Apriori Beauty’s best-selling products! Enzymes and renewing sugar crystals remove dead surface skin cells to reveal visibly smoother skin.  It leaves your skin feeling cool and reinvigorated!  Now you may rinse off the scrub and cleanser with a warm, moist towelette.

Step 2 ~ Activating Tonic ~ Splash some onto a cotton pad or cotton ball and apply evenly all over your face, avoiding your eye area.  Most tonics, are toners which close pores.  This one is unique in that it actually opens your pores and activates the skin surface to encourage maximum absorption of the Nutrient Reservoir in the next step!

Step 3 ~ Firming Complex ~ While the Activator is still wet on your face, place a dime sized amount on your fingertips and spread all over your facial skin.  Let this dry before your continue to the next step.  – This product visibly and immediately firms the skin while the Nutrient Reservoir delivers a concentration of nutrients to the surface skin cells, where it will penetrate during the day and night.

Step 4 ~ Eye + Lip Age Eraser ~ Apply to your lips and skin surrounding your mouth.  – Aging shows first around your eyes and lips due to repetitive movements or our “personality”!  You don’t have to be a smoker to have cigarette lips – just keep taking a nip from a water bottle and voila, smokers lips!!!  – This product is specifically formulated for the delicate skin in both areas.  It’s also the perfect replacement for lip ointments or cuticle cream!

* ~ Derma Firm Illuminator Treatment System ~ If you have a opportunity to try out the Derma Firm Iluminator, you will place a few shots of the Precision Skin Rejuvenator Serum to your face and neck area.  Use your DFI to go through a complete Spot Cycle (side, side, forehead, and another cycle on both sides of your neck), and repeat application on the same areas on Wrinkle Cycle.  Please see the “Ultimate 10 Minute FaceLift” blog post form the archives of  this blog home page for what the Derma Firm Illuminator is and does!  The  Precision Skin Rejuvenator is a super concentrated formula with the highest amount of Nutrient Reservoir.  The Derma Firm Illuminator encourages maximum absorption of these nutrients, as well as stimulates collagen and elastin production, removes age spots and facilitates scar healing.

Step 5 ~ Day Lotion or Night Repair 3 – Deep ~  Finish your Sample Skin Experience with the application of about a nickel size amount of day lotion (~25 spf) if you are doing this in the morning, or the same amount of the Night Repair 3-Deep (See my blog post “Grapes, Raisins and Corn Flakes”).  – Your skin has 3 layers.  At night, your cells enter a repair cycle, and while you sleep, you do not take in water or moisture, but lose moisture instead.  This product delivers the Nutrient Reservoir 3 Deep while you sleep, and while your cells are in repair mode.  The Day Cream protects your skin from additional sun damage, and both protect your skin’s natural barrier function!

Lifeoxylin Elixir ~ Drink your colors is the new mantra! By drinking one shot of Lifeoxylin Elixir a day, you can receive the value of eating 6 fruits and vegetables and an ORAC value of 2400!! The Elixir is to be consumed all at once in the morning, or divided into two parts, drinking half in the morning and the other half in the afternoon (refrigerate once you open it).  The elixir will also deliver the Nutrient Reservoir and fights the 4 Core Influences of Aging (See my blog post with the same name!)!  Feel free to mix it up with whatever you fancy or drink it straight up!

Wow!! Are you just loving it all??  Does your skin feel absolutely FABULOUS???!!!

I just LOVE Making Your Life Beautiful!  Send me an email or give me a call to find out our specials for the month, have me work within your skin care requirements and budget! (714) 812 – 2498 aprioricandy@gmail.com

Wasn’t that Easy and Fun? If you would like to join me in my Apriori Beauty Business – I Would LOVE to Share The Fun!!  Please let me know – and I will joyfully answer all your questions and mentor you as you start your Apriori Beauty Business!

Client or Consultant or just sampler – Thanks for stopping by and I love you all!

XO Candy

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