Everyone has a passion for something(s) in their lives. Our passions set us apart and give us a reason to strive.”Sweet Peas, Bouquet, "Cheri Amour" by reneesgarden

Did you know that your passions say a lot about you and can help guide you through making choices of accessories and clothing?  Style Upgrade gives us an opportunity to look at what makes us “tick” and encourages us to incorporate our passions into our personal image.

Whether you’re a dog trainer, painter, boater, avid reader, antiques collector, gardener, artist, or any other of a variety of interests, you can reflect your passion into your clothing and accessory choices.  The items you select to create an ensemble can be reflective of your areas of interest.

 Style Upgrade gives us some examples of areas of interest and words that describe what may help in their decisions:

Travel:  changing, exotic, rich      Physics:  precise, mysterious, surprising     Volunteer: caring, friendly, approachable

Hiker:  nature, solitude, peace        Birds:  flight (freedom), sky, colorful             Ocean:  soothing, deep, everychanging

One of my passions is flowers, and when I have the time, I love to grow sweetpeas! I have grown many varieties of colors and types of sweetpeas, some large with short, thin stems, pastel in color, and others deep hued, vibrant colored with long, thick stems.  You can see my passion for flowers in the colors I choose to wear, and the types of fabrics I feel most comfortable in.

Sweet Peas by greenwoman46My favorite color combinations are pinks, purples and blues, periwinkle and violets.  I’m not a fan of oranges or greens, yellows or browns, so I guess you could say I like a “cool” color palette, reflective of my ideal flower garden.

Take a few moments and think about how your passions are expressed in your wardrobe and what other choices you can make to include them in your ensemble choices. What are you thinking?

 Ahhh, I love spring flowers!!

Thanks for stopping by and “Making My Life Beautiful!”

XO Candy

How Your Life’s Passions Can Be Reflected in Your Dress!
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