How do you see your body? All out of proportion? A little too much here, not enough there, hide this, show more of that??? Let’s talk about a way of looking at our bodies that will break things down then build them back up in a more balanced way!

Style Upgrade suggests we divide our body shapes into four segments:

Upper Body:  head and shoulders.

Upper Middle Body:  bust and waist.

Lower Middle Body:  bottom and thighs.

Lower Body:  knees, calves and feet.

Next we’ll rate each of these sections on three scales:

Body Style: skeletal, muscular and rounded.  Visual Style:  small, average, and large.  Attention: show it, it’s OK, or hide it.

Okay, now let’s apply these parameters to each segment of our model pictured here.

Style Upgrade sees this:  “Her Upper Body here is looking to me like it is very nicely presented.  It is not skeletal, but perhaps muscular, as it is certainly not oversized.  On the visual scale, I would say it is average, and I would certainly draw attention to this part of the body, as the hair and shape looks very nicely put together.

Her Middle Body is certainly rounded, and looks like on the visual scale we will be calling this large, as it is certainly larger in proportion to the head and shoulders area.  I would hide this area of the body or minimize it.

Her Lower Middle Body is also rounded and larger, and would also be a “hide it” on my scale.

The model’s Lower Body has a great asset – she has “gorgeous gams”!! They are muscular, visually average, and definitely show-worthy.”

All in all, Style Upgrade thinks our model knows herself. Her hair is upswept and carefully maintained to draw attention up. Her neckline is open to show a nice chest area. The belt gives a bit of illusion of waist (see example without the belt), and her dress is the right length to flaunt those beautiful legs and feet.”

When I apply these principles to my own long pear shaped body, I have a combination of skeletal body style in my upper body, getting more rounded as we come to the base of the pear. I would have to say the Lower half is more of a rounded muscular style, leaving me wishing I had the legs of our model! 

My proportions are on an average to large visual scale, even though I am tall, my upper half is small in comparison to the bottom half. Definitely a “hide it” to the lower levels! 

This guides me to focus my accentuations to the upper half and particularly the Upper Body.  Not sure about a belt – haven’t worn one in years, yet I have purchased a couple of jackets with belts that have looked flattering when matched with full legged pants.

Having been a nurse then stay at home mom, I have always been a frequent hand washer, which has led me to shed any extra jewelry over the years.  No longer rasing kids, or in a hospital clinical area, I can now start looking at adding a little “bling” to my ensembles! How fun!

Thanks for stopping by and “Making My Life Beautiful”!

XO Candy

How You Can Use Body Proportions to Pull Your Look Together!
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One thought on “How You Can Use Body Proportions to Pull Your Look Together!

  • May 23, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    These are great tips to think about. I understand and have been the same as far as wearing jewelery. As I get older I’m starting to look at the bling a bit more too. Still like to keep it simple.

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