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I’m all about setting goals and moving forward  – here’s why:

~ Goals focus on an endpoint, or multiple endpoints, with intent and purpose.

~Achieving goals occurs by establishing smaller goals that ultimately accomplish Bigger Goals!

~I think the word “goal”, has a positive connotation, even “momentum” attached to it.

~Accomplishing goals keeps me moving forward with direction.

~There is great satisfaction in the accomplishment of goals!

That’s a short list, and to go with its shortness, is the goal I have of posting shorter blogs!  Ha, Ha!

My husband and I have come up with a list of goals for each year we have been married.  We make time around the end of the year to look at our goals from the previous year, see what we achieved and make new ones for the coming year.  We discuss our strategies for accomplishing them, and set some objectives, or smaller goals, that get us to the big ones!

This past year, we succeeded in achieving more of our goals than we have in our 20 years together, and, in spite of the economy, had the most successful year ever!  Tips for accomplishing your goals:


~PLACE THEM WHERE YOU CAN SEE THEM EVERY DAY – even multiple times a day!

~CREATE OBJECTIVES, or mini goals, that when accomplished lead to achieving the bigger goal.  Objectives begin with an action word.  If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, one of your objectives could be to “Remove all potato chips from the house on January first.”  You can see how specific an objective can be!

~Establish what you will do to CELEBRATE the accomplishment of your goals!

~Lastly, Your goals are WHATEVER YOU WANT THEM TO BE!

Here’s what Candace Keefe, CEO of Apiori Beauty says about goals:

“January 2010

Happy New Year!
Now is the time to set new goals. Instead of a New Year’s resolution that lasts a week or two, set a personal goal that will carry you through 2010. The new year can be filled with big changes, if you choose to make a change.

At Apriori Beauty, ….YOU have total control of your future and the difference you can make for yourself and others! Helping just one person find personal success can make such a difference for you. It only takes one person, one at a time, to create huge momentum.”  (Go to http://www.aprioribeauty.com/fic/candace to read the rest!)

A display of Fireworks 2007 by ♥SpiceI need to stop now so I can achieve my goal of keeping it shorter – and I welcome your comments about your goals for the coming year!

Thanks so much for stopping by first thing this year, and May Your 2010 Be Fabulous!

You Make My Life Beautiful!

XO Candy

How to Write Goals and Objectives for the New Year!
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