Beauty, grace, poise, style,  elegance, and confidence describe two women who created a huge impression on my youthful memory.  Interestingly they were both teachers – one, my kindergarten, and the other my Sunday School teacher.  They were also both tall, full figured women, and were simply gorgeous to me.

Now,  I find myself about the same age they were when I knew them, and would like to make some “adjustments” to my appearance and persona to emulate the beauty they exuded from their spirit to their fashion style.  So, come along with me as I learn some things about style, and share my transformation from  middle aged frump to “seasoned” lady of  elegance!

I’ve been offered the opportunity to do a trial run of a program I’ll call “Style Upgrade”, that is currently unavailable, but coming soon! I welcome your constructive comments as I go through each lesson, and “live it” for you!  Once I am newly reinvented, your suggestions incorporated, the complete program will be available to you!  “No matter your age, shape, coloration or lifestyle, you deserve to look and feel fabulous everyday!””

“Looking better gives us confidence, and confidence gives us an attractive nature”, is how the Style Upgrade book begins. This is the beginning of developing my own perfect style! I’m going to learn what I should be wearing and why I should be wearing it, and how everything fits and flows together to show the world who I am!

I hope to learn how to look good, feel great, gain self confidence, take care of myself, be a great role model for my kids, and friends, love myself and show others that because I love myself, I am worthy of being loved by others. That’s one tall order, so here we go!

My first assignment on the road to style is to start a “Style Journal”.  From this, I’ll be able to pull together a wardrobe that will flatter my physical appearance, uplift my spirits, showcase my personality and make me feel great just to wear it! I’ve created several collages of things that are attractive to me; colors, textures, styles, clothes, and more.  Here’s the beginning – there is so much more I would like to add!  Why don’t you create your own Style Journal Collage right along with me!






What do I see in my collages?  I like pastels with flounce, tailored jackets with loose cut slacks, shoes are a decorative feature- definitely not functional, hats are my whimsy, silk is my favorite fabric, pinks and taupe, flowers, and a little bling!

I like how these pieces will look, how they will feel to the touch when I’m wearing them – nothing clingy.  They definitely fit my personality – I like to hide my scientific mind, heighth and full body with clothes that move and fabrics that make a statement. The whimsical touches show that I do have a sense of humor and a bit of fun lurking behind the springy pastels and vibrant deep hues. What do you see?

Thanks for stopping by and “Making My Life Beautiful!”

XO Candy

How to Find Your Own Personal Style!
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4 thoughts on “How to Find Your Own Personal Style!

  • March 15, 2010 at 7:08 am

    Candy, this is so exciting!!!! I look forward to reading your updates about each lesson. Personal style and knowing how to dress for occasion & your body shape, as well as choosing the correct colors for your undertone are items that I first learned about in my mid-20’s, and really took to heart…and, as you stated, it totally makes such a difference in your confidence and how you then in-turn feel about yourself.

  • March 15, 2010 at 7:20 am

    Thanks! Hope you will add your suggestions! XO

  • March 20, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    dear Candy,

    Looking forward to seeing how you transform your concepts of your own personal style into everyday reality! Curious how to you want to hide your scientific mind! Very inspiring, indeed!

    Love, ann

  • March 20, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    Thanks, Ann, for being such a great cheerleader and chief chocolate sharer! XO Candy

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