What are the four core influences of aging. and how do they affect what we experience physically, and what we see in the mirror as we grow older?

Why does an Internal + External approach to the battle against the visible signs of aging work the best?

Consumers are increasingly seeking “anti-aging” cosmetic products that treat the visible signs of natural and environmental aging, such as wrinkles, lines, sagging, hyperpigmentation and age spots.  The problem is, products that only focus on treating the signs of aging are not proactive!  This is what sets Apriori Beauty™ apart from the rest – Apriori Beauty sought to take an innovative approach to targeting the causes of aging, not just the symptoms by introducing the Cellular Age Advantage™, a proactive, internal + external approach that utilizes the Nutrient Reservoir™ to address the core causes of cellular aging!

Why the Systemic Approach?  Topical and internal applications both have their advantages and disadvantages.  The Cellular Age Advantage “whole body” system utilizes the advantages of each to offer unprecedented results!

  • Topically Applied Ingredients | Easy delivery to the skin; effective material levels even when applied in small quantities
  • Ingested Ingredients |Face issues with bioavailability, bio-distribution, and delivery to the skin; when ingredients do cross barriers into the skin, they are delivered to deep layers where they can do their work most effectively

The Cellular Age Advantage™ | Addressing the core causes of aging 

Every cell has a lifespan that is typically shortened by exposure to environmental stresses – 90% of the visible signs of aging are caused by extrinsic factors.  The Cellular Age Advantage seeks to promote healthy cell function and prolong cell life with ingredients that address the 4 Core Influences of Cell Aging: oxidative stress, hormone imbalance, decreased mitochondrial efficiency, and damage to longevity genes.

  • Oxidative Stress | reactive oxygen species are constantly generated through the process of metabolism and through exposure to environmental stresses, including solar radiation, pollution, and poor diet.  These free radicals wreak havoc on the cell, causing damage that has been linked to several diseases including cancer and heart disease.
  • Hormonal Fluctuation| throughout our lives, our hormone levels are in constant fluctuation and the signs of these changes are commonly manifested on our skin.  For example, during puberty hormones cause increased sebum production, resulting in acne.  Similarly, as we age, decreasing hormone levels lead to a reduction in collagen and elastin production; skin becomes thinner, drier, and less luminescent.
  • Mitochondrial Function | the mitochondria are the “power house” of the cell, where metabolism and energy production take place.  As we age, mitochondria function less efficiently.
  • Genetics | our genes determine the longevity of cell life.  Exposing our cells to harmful materials (by both ingesting them and absorbing them through the skin) can alter gene expression in a negative way.  The result – damage that shortens cell life, encourages disease formation, and negatively affects the way we look and feel.

Now you are all probably thinking – Yes! I have all of the above…. now what can I do, use and take to fight this battle? What ingredients work the best, providing the greatest results?  Next time I will give you the answers!

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The information was taken from an Apriori Beauty™ Did You Know? “The Cellular Age Advantage”


How to Fight the 4 Core Influences of Aging!

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