Going green, buying natural and toxin free are the current trends around us, gaining popularity over a long period of time, while the Beanie Baby fad came and went before you knew what they were. You won’t have any problems getting your plastic water bottles recycled, but you might have to camp out overnight to get the latest electronic gadget upon release! Are you catching on to the difference between a trend and a fad? 

A trend is a change that takes place over a span of time that usually comes gradually, and stays around a while. A fad is something that comes about pretty quickly, creates a frenzy, then is left in the dust, cast aside, as quickly as it came. Who even wants a Beanie Baby now?Beanie Babies by purplesushi

Let’s apply these definitions to fashion. “Following fashion trends is what keeps us in synch with the times and not stuck in a time warp.  A 1980’s power suit today would look as out of place as a 1960’s hippie outfit would have looked in the 1980’s” says Style Upgrade. Notice the twenty to thirty year span over which these changes in fashion trends took place.

“Fads are what marks us as followers, unsure of ourselves and who we are….”, wearing those torn jeans, fringe leather jacket or pearls and argyle because everyone else is. You wouldn’t be caught dead in anything but!

Today’s Style Upgrade lesson is to take  that fashion fad, and tweak it so that it works for me – my body type, my coloring, my age. At the same time, I can incorporate my tweaked fad clothing into my ensembles, looking fashionable and trendy at the same time.

I’ll be looking for those Roman Gladiator sandals, without the ankle straps (don’t want to accentuate those cankles!), slacks with a bit of a leg flair and long waisted tops to stretch out that pear!  Might even add a some chunky jewelry and a hat! I’ll know if I have it pulled together by whether or not my family will be seen with me in public!

Here’s to my Fashion Trendy Sistah’s!

Thanks for stopping by and “Making My Life Beautiful”!

XO Candy

Fashion Trend or Fashion Fad?
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