Building relationships is the cornerstone of all business. Whether you are a product or service driven business, you rely on relationships to exist. Elizabeth Vervynck and Susan Twellmen, Founders of Apriori Beauty see Building Relationships as one of the hallmarks of business success, so much so, that it is part of the Apriori Beauty Mission Statement.

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If you are marketing a product, how are you going about it? If you are in a Direct Selling or Network Marketing Company, you are responsible for a major portion of marketing your brand to the public.

The days of selling to your family and friends, and to their families and friends has worn out its welcome. Some companies still promote that way of building a business – you basically have access to an online website, useful graphic tools to add to the samples you purchase and give away. Now what do you do?


Build new relationships to a wider circle of people than you have ever been in. This is a blast- and it should be! What are your interests, what would you like to know more about, what are your passions besides your product? If earning money was not a factor, who would you like to get to know? That’s exactly the way you are going to approach building relationships, not thinking about selling or money at all. You are going to meet all kinds of people, from all walks of life. Your life will be richer for knowing them, and they will add new dimensions to your existence!

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Your focus is on getting to know people, what makes them tick, their professions, interests, struggles and successes. Share their life and share yours, too. Just more about them, than you.


Who do you know that you can connect them with for their business, their family, and anything else that can benefit them.


How can you bring more enjoyment into the lives of others, lifting them up, lightening their daily load? Socializing is a great idea, play dates with the kids, meeting for lunch or cocktails, doing a community activity, raising awareness and support of a good cause, anything that promotes the sharing of your life with others.

Where Do I Begin?

In your own home town. Join some MeetUp groups with others of the same interest, connect with others in your city on twitter.  Look for local community events that broadens your outlook and provides a chance to meet new people. Look for groups of people getting together for an activity or purpose you would be interested in.

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How Do I Connect?

Focus. On. Others.  Meet as many people as you can, and find out what makes them tick. Keep it lighthearted and friendly. Share something uplifting, and an encouraging word. Give compliments freely – honest compliments. Find out where else they meet, and what other groups they are involved in.

It Takes Time….

It Takes Energy on Your Part….

It takes Consistency….

It Involves Giving of Yourself….

It Means You Can’t Pout When You Don’t Get Anything in Return….

It Means You May Have To Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone….


This is how you build a reputation as someone who helps others, has their best interest in mind, and wants to see others succeed. People will trust you, knowing you have their best interest at heart.

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I’m on a mission to update my personal image.  In doing so, I have connected with many women who “do hair” and met some very talented stylists, learning things to do with my hair to make me look a little younger. Finally taking off some weight gained over the years, I’ve met some great gals in the fitness industry who are so happy to offer advice and support. My Skin Care friends – from many different companies – are great to bounce off ideas and new treatments with.  Additionally, some I have met online in my area, are now happy to meet for a Girls Night Out every month or so- this has been the most fun for me. The gals are all ages from mid twenties to late fifties, and we all have a blast. They even have named it Candy Dye’s Happy Hour! Yes, they all know I represent a skin care company, and I have given out a sample or two when one says “Oh, I could use a good cleanser” or “I have such dry skin, what do you recommend”. Because we have a relationship, and I know I will see them again and again, I’m not pressured to push my product on anyone. Besides having fun is the most important thing friends do when they get together!

One last thing…. If you are my Apriori Beauty sister, you have an obligation to build relationships!

Apriori Beauty’s Mission Statement is:

“Beauty Through Pure Product Innovation,

Beauty Through Building Relationships,

Beauty That Comes From Personal Success.”

Make My Day – and GO Build Some New Relationships!

XO Candy

Expand Your Circle – Build New Relationships!

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