Are you passing through the mommy years, or perhaps entering middle age with your hormones adding some extra pounds, or is there some childhood memory that keeps you from presenting your best self to the world?  We all have our own reasons why we haven’t taken care of ourselves, and my hope is that this can be a new beginning for any of you joining me on my Style Upgrade!

      Let’s start with looking at some body shapes and balance, to see if we can identify ourselves with one or two. I didn’t see my exact shape in the descriptions, so I am a combination of two – not too thin and not too thick, yet definitely pear!! 
Of the two pink body types, I am somewhere in the middle. Look at the sketches below and see which one or combination of shapes are you, and which combination describes you! 

     I have a very long neck, large bust with narrow rib cage, a semi defined waist, and full the rest of the way down. I LOVE padding for my rounded shoulders, if only they were sewn into blouses or tops. Yes, I do flare at the hips- oh, well!!

     I’ve always been a healthy weight, having had an hour glass figure through my late teens and into my early thirties. A snow skiier, tennis player and aerobics addict, I’ve always enjoyed some sort of exercise, until I had a skiing accident that began to slow me down a bit.

     Then some weight gain came with the mommy years in my mid thirties. I would like to look my best at the weight I am today, while trying to eat healthy and mix in some daily exercise.  I’m more focused now on health and wellness, and less so on my appearance, which is why the Style Upgrade is so great for me right now! My goal is to be more of a straight down arrow, that a curved down arrow shape.

      Do you see your body type in any of the sketches? Were you one type when you were younger and now have become another? How do you feel about how your shape has changed?   

Thanks for stopping by and “Making My Life Beautiful”!

XO Candy

Do You Know Your Body Shape?
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