Did you know that you can build your wardrobe with capsules? An understanding of clothing capsules as a method of assembling your closet one small step at a time is a unique and easy way to build your wardrobe in an affordable way.

Style Upgrade asks “Do you find yourself with a closet of clothing and nothing to wear? Garments that look great but don’t match? Clothing capsules will ground your wardrobe in reality, and allow you to enjoy your prints and special items.”

By choosing three basics from your current closet, and adding in three capsules of three garments each, you can create a different look every day for a month. Once you have done this, you can add other styled garments and accessories to round out your style, so that it is ever changing, yet comfortable and easy to choose and wear.  So, let’s get started!


Your basics start with two bottoms and a top. The bottoms should be in colors that are considered neutrals. The classic neutrals are as follows:

Warm Colorations:  Ivory, Eggshell, Beige, Tan, Rust, Milk Chocolate, Grey, Camel, Olive, Warm Black, Navy and Jeans.

Cool Colorations: White, Ash, Smoke, Taupe, Wine, Dark Chocolate Brown, Charcoal Grey, Slate, Teal, Blue Black, Navy, and   Jeans.

In addition to a neutral coloration, your basics should have neutral styling. They should not have many details and they should not stand out. These are the types of garments you can wear three days in a row with different garments and no one will notice.

Think flat-front pants, straight skirts, classic tailored pants, long tailored skirts, elastic waist straight leg pants or slim skirt, jeans, etc.

The top should be the sort of top that everyone has. It should also be in a flattering neutral and should work with both of the basic bottoms.  For example, a white or ivory T-shirt or tank, a tailored white or ivory shirt, a classic blouse or shell in white or ivory. A basic top like this may represent several tops that are in your wardrobe. 

This was a fun assignment, as it gave me a reason to go shopping!  I purchased a pair of black dress slacks, classic tailored look with a slight flare to the bottom, a pair of straight legged dark navy dress jeans, and a white camisole type tank top.

 Now, I went a little wild with the tank top – it has a wide band of lace (about 6 inches wide!) at the hip and around the neckline. My thought (rationale) is that I can wear several different colors and styles of jackets over it, and have the lace almost like an accessory.  Do not even try to talk me out of this, even though it is not the ideal area to draw attention to for a pear! I feel that my hip length jackets will cover the sides (width) and the eye will go to the middle and up to a touch of bling around the neck!

Speaking of accessories, Style Upgrade suggests changing the looks while mixing and matching these capsule pieces, with a variety of accessories – chunky necklaces, bracelets, and great earrings, would be what I might look for. 

Now that I have a new clothing capsule, I can go back to my current wardrobe and select a few more capsules to build upon. I think I will do a warm weather clothing group of capsules and a cool weather clothing group, followed by an “elimination” of the items that did not make the cut into a capsule! This “spring cleaning” will allow me to select my ensembles only from my capsules – no turning back now!

Hope you enjoyed this lesson and I welcome your comments!

Thanks for stopping by and “Making My Life Beautiful”!

XO Candy

Create Outfits From Simple 3 Piece Capsules!
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One thought on “Create Outfits From Simple 3 Piece Capsules!

  • June 7, 2010 at 9:02 am

    Oh boy how I need help in this area. My wardrobe consists of jeans, cargo pants,t-shirts, and work boots. I go shopping and I come home with another t-shirt (sigh)

    Thanks once again for your useful information.

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