Ever been around someone whose presence just lit up the room?  Good things always happen when they’re around – even if it’s a rough day on the job,  having them work by your side always makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE  for the better.  What is it about them that is so special?? Galloping Horses by dhawkslee  What qualities do they posses that make them winners??


They are passionate about life, which spills over into everything they are into.  “Most people have a passion for significance”, says Mark Sanborn, author of “The Fred Factor”.  The day is much livelier whenever passionate people  are around!  Do you have passion?


They are committed to their goals and vision.  They are focused, knowing how to get it done right.  Nothing can waiver them.  If an obstacle presents, they work around or through it to a successful resolution, and make the transition with great flexibility!  Are you committed?


You can take it to the bank that they will be consistent in their approach and committment.  This brings stability and security to those that work with them, and allows them to take risks without fear.  There’s a huge trust factor here!  Are you consistent?

(Visit Mark Sanborn’s miniblog for more insight into the consequences of commitment-http://www.marksanborn.com/blog/ where he talks about beliefs, behaviors and the right consequences from being committed.)

~ PERSISTENCE ~Swiss Alps by Mihai NEDELEA

They never give up!   Optimists at heart, they always look at the brighter side, and what is needed to keep the ship steering in the right direction.  Then they just kept moving forward, persistently forward!

Are you persistent?


It is obvious in their behaviors and mannerisms – committment, consistency and persistence are all results of a disciplined mindset followed by actions.  Are you disciplined?


The most successful people I remember, always, always had a great sense of humor. Even in the worst of situations, there was always a little something to share that could lift your spirits and make you smile!  How’s your sense of humor?

What did I leave out?  I’m sure there are more!

I have met others who are given a great opportunity, but give up with the first difficulty that arises.  They may have passion and start out committed, but lack consistency and persistence, giving way to distraction, and discouragement.  To be able to keep forging ahead when the road is tough comes from a strong and focused mindset and much discipline.

So, when you take a look at where you have come from and plan your course for the future, think about what you can improve upon to accomplish your goals, making it an enjoyable journey for everyone along for the ride with you!

What can you do to increase your passion, make a stronger commitment, be more consistent and persistent, develop greater discipline and improve your sense of humor?

I welcome your comments!

Thanks for stopping by…and Making My Life Beautiful!

6 Qualities of Winners!
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