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Apriori Beauty is Named a Safe Cosmetic Champion of Innovation!

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Congratulations to Apriori Beauty Leaders in the Personal Care Product Industry!!

Apriori Beauty has made the list of 321 cosmetic companies who are Champions in creating personal care products with ingredients that meet a high standard of purity, provide information on their products openly, and work toward the goal of raising the bar for healthy products.

Click Here -> Safe Cosmetics: Champions of Cosmetic Safety!

“The report describes how these companies – from small mom-and-pop businesses to some of the largest businesses in the natural products sector – are setting a new high-bar standard for personal care products. The Champions are demonstrating best practices by:

  • Making effective products without using ingredients linked to cancer or birth defects.
  • Disclosing all their ingredients, including those that make up “fragrance,” showing that it’s not necessary to hide these ingredients from the public.
  • Working together with nonprofit health groups to increase market demand for safe, sustainable products and practices.”

Congratulations Apriori Beauty!  Just 3 years old and a Leader in the Industry!!

More Information about Apriori Beauty and our Products Click Here -> Apriori Beauty or


Feel free to contact me at if you are interested in joining my growing

National Team of Leaders! I am a Founder, Manager, Leader and Independent Consultant!

Congratulations Apriori Beauty!!  I LOVE the Results I Have with Our Products!

XO Thank You for Making Life Beautiful!


“Making Life Beautiful 2011” was Fabulous!!

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Apriori Beauty’s First National Convention, “Making Life Beautiful”, was so Fabulous!! We learned many, many bits of knowledge about our products and how to ~Use~Love~Share~ them. Tons of wonderful fun, meeting Consultants from around the country who have joined in together to launch our company!

The two greatest highlight was the launch of our new product line, “Nothing to Hide”!!

Click here to read about each product – “Nothing to Hide” and

Here – New “Nothing to Hide Video” to learn more about them!

Everyone who drinks Apriori Beauty’s Lifeoxylin Elixir and uses Celloxylin Skin Care on a regular basis, no longer needs foundation!

With our skin so healthy and bright, the Nothing to Hide line of Skin Perfectors evens out tone and brings a luminescence to our skin from the innovative Pigment Technology! As we age, our skin reflects blue and green light less and less, giving it a dullness. The new Pigment Technology brings back our skin’s ability to reflect these light waves and create a youthful vibrancy once again!

Wow! Fabulous!!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me through my sidebar links if you would like to learn more!

XO Candy

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