NEW FROM APRIORI for Your Wrinkles! Introducing…
Epic – Instant Wrinkle Reducer!

Celloxylin® EPIC
Instant Wrinkle Reducer

When you want to look your best, achieve smoother-looking skin with Apriori Beauty’s newest skincare innovation — Celloxylin® EPIC Instant Wrinkle Reducer. This instant gratification serum visible reduces fine lines and wrinkles in as little as 15 minutes, and for up to 6-hours. It’s lightweight, fragrance-free formula also soothes and cools aged skin, so you feel refreshed and confident that you’re putting your best face forward!

Celloxylin EPIC’s clinically-proven phyto-Plankton complex provides instant results, while the proprietary Nutrient Reservoir ingredients (Goji Berry and Ginseng) plus Ceramides provide long-term anti-aging benefits. Skin is also soothed and nourished by the natural benefits of Cucumber and Aloe.

New Consultants – for $49 you will enjoy a FREE Celloxylin EPIC in their Starter Kit (a $59 value)!

Item #035, 0.5 fl oz | 15 mL — $59.

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My own personal results with Epic Instant Wrinkle Reducer!

“Wow! Apriori Beauty has done it — created a magic cream that keeps me looking and feeling ‘Fabulously 29’ forever! Celloxylin EPIC gives my sagging eyelids, under eyes, between the eyebrows, jawline, and neck the tightness and lift to look 29 again. My photos (above) tell my story … sagging skin tightened and lifted in minutes, and lasting for hours. I dab it on in the morning and look and feel amazing all day long. It works so well, a plastic surgeon recently guessed my age 17 years younger than I am! EPIC is my dream cream come true!” — Candace Dye, CA

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Wrinkles? Try New “Epic” Instant Wrinkle Reducer!

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